Customer Letters


I saw your commercial on FOX NEWS a while ago. I was pleasently surprised to see an ad for firearms. I’m sure the obama news networks didn’t run it. I don’t watch those idiots. I hope you keep running it. IT’S A GREAT AD…. Can you schedual it to run during the Glen Beck show?  Just a thought. Here’s a pic of me and my Henry. One damn good rifle. You or any of your employee’s are welcome at our place anytime. Have a good one and thanks again for a terrific ad.

SFC Roger Swenson-Ret Wells, NV

Hello –

My name is Carl Martin. I am 72 years old – born in Iowa and lived here all my life. I support our troops and love my country and what it used to stand for. WHat prompted this letter is an advertisement I saw on TV last night. I might watch TV 1 hour a week. RFD on sat night for old country music. The ad showed a good ol’ boy goin thru his house and throwing everything out made in a foreign country. The only thing left was a Henry rifle. Made In America. I think this is the neatest ad I have evr seen. I got my first Henry 2 years ago and it is quality. My next rifle will be a Golden Boy. I have worked as a pattern maker and machinist for 50 + years so I know American quality and foreign shit. Keep up the good work and keep it in the USA! I wish you all the best.

Carl Martin Garwin, IA


Mr. Imperato,

Please know that I have more than in interest. And also know that you are providing my family with more than a rifle, but an heirloom. What a great gift.

It may take a day or two to have my FFL get to you. I am still unable to drive and is kind of a pain to get out. I will get to the local shop as soon as possible to fill out the paperwork.

I have attached a few photos for you. And I will send more range pics once I have a few range trips under my belt with your rifle. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you other than spread your good name. In the photos I have sent a picture of my vehicle that I was injured in. It was a soft skinned Ford Ranger. I was the passenger and damn lucky to be alive. I take nothing for granted at this point knowing how close I came to not making it. The other is a picture of me and my son. This was my first week back in the states and first chance I had to see my son, Hunter Lee, upon my return. Thank you for letting me share this with you. And again, I can wait to get my hands on, and know that it will stay in my family for lifetimes.

Very Sincerely,

Chris Fleming

Did I see an ad by Henry Fire Arms on Fox Net Work? If I did HOOOOORAY for you,and I will purchase another one of your fine rifles. I already own the .17hmr and the Golden Boy 22 mag.

With Best Regards.

Roy Lewis

Mr. Imperato,

As I had thought you do have exceptional customer service. You replied to my e-mail and I haven’t even been able to purchase the Golden Boy yet. Your hands on policy should be a model to other businesses that still remain in the U.S.

Thank you for your kind response.

Tony Sturgill

Good afternoon,

I have recently read a lot about your new advertising campain and wanted to write you with a few statements.

I would like to start off with a short background on myself.  I was born and raised in Minnesota, have worked many jobs from farming to airline pilot, and have been all across the world with these jobs.  I am an Eagle Scout and got my Rifle merit badge using a Henry many years ago.  I purchased a Golden Boy 22 for my fiance’ on her birthday a few years ago and she likes it so much I don’t get to shoot it without her.

Made in the U.S.A. is important.  The values and family history your company represents mean a lot.  I think you are going to find that more people will be looking at your company and saying good things, that you are on the right track.

I am proud to own a Henry.  I appreciate what your company represents for the U.S.A. and our workers.  I value the craftsmanship and history that goes into your products.  Keep up the great work, the long traditions, and the American Pride.

Thank you and know that I will be purchasing (at least one) more Henry rifles when I can afford it.

God Bless,

Christopher Schmidt

You have the best costumer service in the industry!!!!


Bob Colden

i have a henry golden boy 22-magnum and it i great the best rifle i own and thats great considering i have 41 rifles and 23 pistols keep up the good work guys thanks for the great quality work

Jeremiah Griffin Marlinton, WV

Dear Henry Rifles

I own a Golden Boy .22LR. This is got to be one of the best rifles that I own. Your superior quality workmanship makes this a rifle worth bragging about. I own 2 other .22LR’s and every time I decided to shoot 22’s I alway grab the Golden Boy without hesitation. The fact that this gun is totally made in the USA and with all raw materials coming from America, was even more reason for why I wanted to own a Henry rifle. I have never shot a rifle as accurate as the one I own and that is why I just keep going back to it every time I shoot. I am constantly recommending Henry Rifles to all of my friends who are looking to purchase a new gun. I really enjoyed watching your videos on-line and on RFD tv. Keep up the great workmanship and God bless the USA.

Many thanks

John Mosher Castine, ME

You are by far the best gun maker in America.  If I threw out everything not made in America, I probably would have nothing left but your rifles. Thank you for being a TRUE AMERICAN gun maker.

Benjamin Engelson Camdenton, MO