Customer Letters

I purchased a Henry H001 today. What an awesome gun! I have been collecting for over 38 years and this by far is the best gun I have ever own. The quality is impecible and the workmanship is unsurpassed. Thank you for offering a great piece of American History for an outstanding price.

James Gonzalez Wesley Chapel, FL

Best rifles ever made, ’nuff’ said!

Chris Crosby Thorntown, IN


Looks Like I started the New Year off right!! I just purchased a new Henry, frontier model in 22 caliber. I am real happy with the gun and hope I can pass it on to my future grandkids. It has made me feel like a kid again. I cannot wait to take it to the range. Keep up the good work and tell all involved in your company thank you for all their hard work in making a quality product. !!!



Dear Henry Rifles,

I am attaching a photo of my prized possession,I had the box custom made,I never shot it,to nice to do that,I would really like to put the photo on custom letters,so others can see it.

Tim O'Brien

I own three Henrys and they rock !

Paul Lafleur Indialantic, FL

I have owned over 18 Henry Rifles in the preceding 2 years. I have given several of them as gifts to family members. The quality and craftsmanship of Henry Rifles is unmatched by any other manufacturer. I enjoy my regular penmanship contact with Mr. Imperato.

Major Dan Inman Parkersburg, WV

Bought one of your H001s a week ago. Gave it a workout this last weekend, your rifle is fantastic,smooth action, extremely accurate. I look forward to getting some more of your rifles.

Ed Wagner


Dear Anthony,

Attached are pictures of Chase (8) and Alex (6) (light blue shirt) with their Henry Mini-bolt rifles. Both use their Henry’s in the Civilian Marksmanship Program and seem to enjoy them more and more as they progress in classification. I probably should not be surprised, but I was, when I saw that their Henry Mini-bolts are easily accurate enough for them to eventually advance to Expert and Distinguished Expert Classifications.

It was a said day when Alex learned that guns don’t bounce very well after he dropped his. There was no serious damage except some scuffing and “dings” to the stock. When I contacted Henry to see about a replacement stock, I was truly surprised to receive a response from the President and Owner. I am certain that I am not the only customer that has received this level of service, but I certainly feel like it. You have created another generation of Henry enthusiasts in my family!!!! Alex was ecstatic when I told him that we would be able to replace the stock on his rifle and it would look like new again.

Thank you again Anthony. You are a gentleman and businessman of rare quality (rather like your firearms). Please let me know if you need higher resolution pictures as these have been reduced to fit in an email.

Best regards,

Charles D. Roberson Greensboro, NC

Hello, I am 32 years old and have been shooting as long as I can remember. I have recently been given a Golden Boy as a gift and had to tell you I have never been so impressed with a firearm. Whether the absolute beauty of the gun or the out of the box accuracy. Just had to tell you keep up the fine work and look forward to future shooting.

Chad Valla Knoxville, IL


Dear Mr. Imperato.

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for making such high quality, and beautiful firearms.

With regard to my Henry Frontier (.22), the quality to price ratio is absolutely unparalleled. I genuinely feel like I got a lot of rifle for my money. And what a fun rifle it is to shoot! A testament to just how much fun this rifle is to shoot becomes apparent every time I go to the range with my buddies. Among all of the rifles at the range (Ruger, Savage and Marlin) my Henry Frontier is the one that people want to shoot the most, because it is just plain fun!

I also wanted to comment on how wonderful your customer service is.

As long as Henry continues to maintain this level of quality in their rifles at such reasonable price points, and can continue with such an unheard of level of customer service, I will remain a customer for life. I already have plans to buy a Mare’s Leg once they are available, and down the road a Pump Action and a Golden Boy.

I have attached a few pictures of my beloved Henry Frontier .22 for your viewing pleasure. I hope my pictures have done the beauty of your rifle justice.

Companies like Henry are (sadly) slowly going the way of the buffalo. Please keep up the great work!

Larry Milhan