Customer Letters


Just wanted to send you a picture of my sister with her new Henry .22 magnum. I also have a .22 magnum and a 30 30 and I love them both. My Dad is a Vietnam veteran and loves Henry Rifles, He has a .22 magnum and a 45 Big Boy. My brother has a .22 magnum and says its by far the best shooting rifle he has ever owned. My uncle has so many henrys that I am not really sure exactly what he has, I know he has the 30 30, .45, .44 magnum, .357 magnum, two .22 magnums, and 2 .22 LR’s. I hope to get us all together one day and get a picture with all of us holding our henrys to send to you. Keep up the good work.

David Ferrell Big Rock, VA

Hello, I just purchased a Henry Golden Boy 17hmr for myself as a birthday present. I had always heard about the golden boy rifle but never shot one. Everyone I asked told me that they were great rifles and that I should definitely purchase one. I must say I broke the speed limit when I was trying to get home because I was extremely excited to shoot it. What I love about the rifle is that it is remarkably beautiful and it shoots great!! I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m debating purchasing a big boy now!! Thanks for making such a great all-american made rifle. I will keep my Golden Boy for my life time and pass it on to my children. Thanks again!!


Shane G. Ohio


I started collecting henry Golden Boy and Big Boy rifles approximately four years ago. I recently had a custom gun cabinet made to display my beautiful collection of Henry rifles. I am a true believer in “Made In America” so thank you all at Henry Repeating Arms.


Mike Freeman



Thought you might enjoy seeing a couple of pics of our Henrys. We love them for sure. First the two Henrys (both 22LR) hanging in our cabin on a rack I made. Second, a picture of my wife with her new Golden Boy which she finally got a chance to shoot yesterday. Thank you for your service and thanks for making a great rifle.

So happy with our Henrys

John Roohms Abilene, TX


Dear Mr. Imperato,

It was a pleasure meeting you recently at the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh. I am a lifetime member of the NRA and strongly believe in the right to bear arms.

I currently own 11 Henry Rifles with plans to purchase again in the near future. I have attached a photo of the rifles I own. I am especially proud of the fact that Henry Rifles are made in the USA and are of the highest quality.

I appreciate you taking the time to discuss your company and my interest in your company.

Thank you,

Alan Adkins

Hello again Anthony,


Zach is good friend’s son, I’m teaching him marksmanship…..and plenty of safety.

Here we are just before dusk tonight, he actually nailed the aerial balloon his very first shot, in which we stress the fact we are using lead shot only of course in a mile wide cutover hayfield. His mom (Lynette Fowler) is thrilled, says send it on to you if you wish for your website for Henry Arms.

Later on we’ll let him hit aerial ping pong balls, etc.

Markos Mangarides


Dear Mr.Imperato,

My name is Kimball Foord and I purchased a Henry .44 mag ,a beautiful rifle by the way ,from Triggers and Bows up here in Ontario Canada. I wanted to buy the big loop for the rifle also but was told it was unavailable through the Canadian distributor. Is there another avenue for purchasing this Item in Canada. I purchased the rifle to hunt with and also used it for protection as a hunting guide in the mountains of British Columbia. I received quite a few compliments from the clients. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide

Kimball Foord let er buck

I just wanted to say how proud I am of your company to remain making your product in America. Other companies have sold their souls overseas to save a few bucks on the balance sheet. I purchased your Frontier rifle several months ago and the quality is remarkable. Being a retired policeman, I have handled many weapons in my career, and yours is one of the best on the market. The best part is keeping Americans at work here to make your product line. I commend your efforts and endorse your product to everyone I can. Your a shining example of a true American business that so many other companies need to copy. Thanks again.


James Hosler


Mr. Imperato,

Being an Irishman clover leafs are important to me. They took on a whole new meaning when I recently purchased for my sons first deer rifle, a Henry .3030 carbine. Out-of-the-box, at 100 yards, the rifle shot three shot group that were touching – near perfect three leaf clover! Subsequent three shot groups shot equal groups. To say I am impressed with your new rifle would be an understatement. Simply put it is an outstanding rifle and one in which I will take pride in teaching my son big game marksmanship.

All the best,

Ray Dowling


Dear Anthony

I was very fortunate to have known your father going back 40 + years. He was a wonderful man and a tremendous asset to the firearms industry. I am also the proud of a Henry Big Boy, and as you can see I have put it to good use. Thank you for making an outstanding rifle and congratulations on running a very fine company.




Albert Pfitzmayer Franklin Square, NY