Customer Letters


Thank you, we are thrilled that Zanders first gun is a Henry. This is the start of lifetime of hunting and shooting enjoyment. Thanks again and hope to see you again next year at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Stephen N. Johnson Cheyenne, WY

First of all , I was amazed that the President of a company responded to my question. My Golden Boy is a beauty! GREAT SERVICE, GREAT FIREARMS,

Chris Parr Kamloops, BC


Thank you for the extraordinary effort on your behalf to coordinate the chain of events culminating in an evening this grateful veteran will not soon forget. My family and I were overwhelmed with the reception we received, the comments and presentation of the Henry rifle and mostly with the response from the crowd. As a Vietnam veteran returning to the US in 1969, I was told to change into civilian clothes and I was flown into a small airport stateside to avoid the hostile crowds that were usually present in the larger airports. To have the gratitude and appreciation of so many people in recognition of my service to my country was a very moving experience.

Thank you for making it all happen.



MSgt. Montfred M. Liknes (USAF Retired) Langford, SD


Mr. Imperato,

I finally bought my first Henry rifle today. I picked up a Henry Golden Boy while I was buying a gun at my favorite gunshop, and I was very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of that little rifle. It is almost a year to the day since I picked up that rifle, and I can finally relax, as I have been near obsession with that darn brass receivered beauty I picked up a year ago! I am a retired law enforcement officer and life long sportsman. I live in a very rural part of Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. I shoot competition and with family and friends almost every day, I have some of the finest tactical, competition & hunting arms available. My new favorite rifle is still a little brass clad beauty that was made in New Jersey! Thank you for such a wonderful keepsake and useful firearm. God Bless the .U.S.A. & God bless Henry.

Bill Cartwright

Mr. IMPERATO, I just purchased a GOLDEN BOY 22 MAG. It is the finest rifle i have ever owned. I will be very proud to pass this fine AMERICAN hand crafted rifle to my SON and GRANDSON. keep up the great work.



Howdy…Steve Williams here, I had e-mailed you from your site link earlier telling you how pleased that I am with my .22 Mares Leg. I found this e-mail address for you on the Henry Rifle forum at rimfirecentral and thought that I would send you a couple of the pictures that I have of the first 10 shots fired through my Mares Leg. It was rapid fire and I had no idea what kind of group that I was getting until the last shot…I was focused on sight picture and target alignment and speed of action. I was quite pleased…

Thanks again for making such a wonderful gun. My late father and I watched the old Westerns together when I was a boy and Steve McQueen’s Mares Leg and Chuck Conner’s Winchester were both of our favorite TV cowboy weapons. On a similar note, I believe that I saw on your RFD-TV appearance that you utilize equipment that was used to manufacture the M-1 Carbine? If that’s so, my father carried an M-1 carbine during WWII as a Forward Artillery Observer in the US Army…carried it from Normandy (Omaha Beach) through the Battle of the Bulge and clear to the end. Another touch of America…I love my Henry!

Thank you and God bless,

Steve Williams


Dear Mr Imperato

Here is that trapping photo I promised Thank you for a great rifle! The students enjoyed it also.


Brian Weber Hunters Ed IHFA

Mr. Imperato,

I was in the marker for a .22 rifle for planking and after watching you on the video (RFD-TV) talk about the Henry riles and how the rifles were build, I had to buy one. I must say I was fixed on buying a Henry ONLY after listening to you describe the quality and USA only parts built Rifles.

After buying one I was amazed at the quality, beauty and how majestic the rifle is, WOW!! At the gun range I was like a kid in the candy shop grinning ear to ear as I loaded and shot for the first time this (my!!) amazing rifle. What an amazing shooting rifle, it was all I hoped for and more!

Thanks for the quality and patriotism!!


Dave Chapa Cypress, TX

Mr. Imperato,

I just purchased a new Henry H0001 and I felt very compelled to write you a letter of thanks. Not only is this rifle an absolute beauty it’s an unsurpassed example of top quality craftsmanship! The fact that it’s made in America of 100% American materials is sincerely gratifying! The fit and finish is flawless and sets a very high standard in the arms industry that I’ve not seen equaled by any other manufacturer. The lever action is like velvet and the accuracy right out of the box is amazing. My Henry shoots such tight groups it makes me look like a competitive shooter (which I’m not)! All this at a price that’s very affordable.

I’m very proud of my new Henry, and even more proud to know that you and your talented staff of employees and craftsmen are brilliant examples of what “Made in America” genuinely is. You’re creating modern day legendary quality rifles that anyone can afford. Please know that while this may be my first Henry it will NOT be my last. The collection has just started for me!

Attached please find a photo of my Henry and myself, and my backyard range. The grouping you see on the target was from 50″ with only one slight rear site adjustment right after it came out of the box. Please feel free to post it if you wish.

Thank you for making such a high quality rifle right here in America!


Joe Koltcz Brown County, IN


Hi Anthony: Here are pictures of my new Henry Goldenboy Rifle mounted in the Oak Display Frame in our kitchen. I fired the gun for the first time last Friday. WOW, what a beautiful gun, so well balanced and manufactured to perfection. Your people should be proud to produce an American product as fine as this. Please pass along my congratulations to all of them

Proud owner of an American Henry Rifle…………….

Dudley Saunderson Hudson, FL