Customer Letters


Hello my name is Christine and I just wanted to tell you how awesome me and my husband think your guns are! We live in east Tennessee and last summer we bought our first gun. It is the Golden Boy .22 lever action rifle. Beautiful looking gun. It is a straight shooter very acurate.

We love the gun so much we built a rifle range, so far the farthest target is at 50 yards. Its sweet, we spend hours shooting on our rifle range with the Henry Golden Boy, we have a blast. thanks for making such great high quality guns


Christine Beard

Just to let you know I just purchased my second Henry. It is a Golden Boy .22 mag. My first was a Henry Big Boy 44 Magnum. As usual the quality is exceptional and I’m looking forward to shooting this a lot. Thanks for the fine workmanship and affordable price! Maybe some other manufacturers could follow your ideas! Mr. Imperato, THANK YOU for keeping this product in OUR country. Maybe, if I ever get to Bayonne, I’ll get a chance to meet you and shake your hand! You obviously are a great businessman!

Gordon Decker Morrisville, VT


Mr. Imperato,

I bought a new Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum last Friday. On Saturday I visited a local firing range and shot 100 rounds of .44 S&W Special ammo. I fired at a distance of 50-yards, and the attached photo shows the results. I think the “natural” zero point is likely 100-yards because at 50-yards my shots started high. After 10 trial shots, I lowered my point-of-aim, and the remainder of my hits were within about a six inch radius. Not bad for an old geezer shooting a new gun for the first time! No doubt a better shooter could have grouped the shots even closer.

I was extremely impressed with the quality, appearance, finish, and accuracy of the Big Boy. I received four comments from strangers about the “good looks” of the gun. The lever action was buttery smooth with never failed to cleanly eject spent cartridges or load new rounds – even though I was shooting “dirty” Cowboy rounds that left sooty deposits. The fit of the stock and fore-end is outstanding, and the grain of the walnut is beautiful. I really admire the polished brass finish too.

Thank you and all the employees of Henry Repeating Arms for manufacturing such a superb weapon. Thank you for demonstrating that American quality and attention to fine detail is alive and well. I look forward to many enjoyable trips to the firing range with my Henry.



Bob Holbrook San Antonio, TX

I bought the .22LR a few years back and I must say it is by far, the best and favorite gun in my collection! The action on the Henry rifle is smooth as glass!! I am starting to shop for another Henry for my collection. The one I have is starting to get lonely. Trying to decide between between the Golden Boy 22LR or the 22 mag. Keep doing what you are doing!! GOD bless the USA!!!!!! And USA made products!!!!

David Shaver Grafton, WV

I love my 22 lever action Henry !!! It is by for the best shootin rifle I have owned in years. Keep up the good work !!! .Thank you

Stephen Brooks Fruithurst, AL

I have the personalized Henry Golden Boy and I have found the quality exeptional. I hope to add many more Henrys to my collection in the years to come.

Mark Augustus Memphis, NY

My youngest son has 3 of your lever action rifles & he is super pleased, especially w/ the 22L.R. that will shoot under 1 inch groups at 100yds.(5 shot) Thank you for a great bunch of guns !!!!!!

Kevin Michael-Jphnakin Norfolk, VA

Americans are tired of buying foreign junk. Thank you very much for manufacturing a quality product right here in the good ol’ USA. And thank you for keeping jobs in America. It’s an honor to do business with companies like yours!

Michael Linn Wichita, KS

I purchased a Henry H001 today. What an awesome gun! I have been collecting for over 38 years and this by far is the best gun I have ever own. The quality is impecible and the workmanship is unsurpassed. Thank you for offering a great piece of American History for an outstanding price.

James Gonzalez Wesley Chapel, FL


I am 14 and got my first Henry Golden Boy 22 for my birthday. I have been out every day shooting it. I love it, it is the best present I have ever gotten.


Logan Jirak Lincoln University, PA