Customer Letters

Mr. Imperato,

Hello – I am definitely a proud owner of a Henry Eagle Scout edition! Please find attached a photo of me and my father with the Henry. Thanks!

Mike McNair


I gave each of my four grandsons Asher, Anderson, Breckenridge and Kellan a Henry Golden Boy Youth .22LR for Christmas.They proudly show their Henry’s with me along the creek at our house. The rifles are excellent quality and workmanship. Thank you so much for helping obtain consecutive serial numbers for the rifles. It is a pleasure to be able to purchase a rifle with this quality and be made in the United States.

Frank Ward Chatsworth, GA

I recently saw a television show advertising your amazing products. I just wanted to share a couple of stories with you. I purchased my first .22 rifle back in 1998 or so. It was a Henry. In 2002, I was in a car accident on my way to my uncle’s ranch. I lost control of my Montero Sport on a dirt road. It rolled over on to its side. I had my Henry rifle with me. My vehicle was totaled. Many of my personal items were damaged in the accident. All that happened to my Henry was that the lever got a little off center. Due to the amazing craftsmanship, it works just as it did out of the box. In 2003, the house I was living in was flooded due to severe rain and overflowing of neighboring canals. I had my .22 Henry on the floor of my closet at that time. My Henry was fully underwater for about an hour. I was able to clean it later, and again, it worked like I had just taken it out of the box. I use my trusted .22 Henry rifle everytime I go to my uncle’s ranch to hunt rabbit. It is dead on true, just like the day I bought it. Thank you for remaining true to American Made craftmanship.

Rolando Barajas

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Henry collection and I’m very proud of it because they’re made in the USA!randy-forden

Randy Forden Sutherland, NE

I just bought my first .44 Henry rifle. I wanted to let you know how wounderful that rifle is. I love it. It’s one of the best rifles i have ever shot. Thank you for making such a wounderful product and i am even happer that it is made in the USA.


Jonathan Denton


It says a lot about a company when the president takes time to reply to people like that. Up here in Ontario Canada, I do a lot of hiking and small game hunting and I truly think the Henry .22 can’t be beat for speed accuracy and a great feel that is hard to explain.

Attached is a pic of me up at my cabin with my trusty ‘ol Henry.

Thanks again,


Wade McGhee Sharon, ON


Anthony ,

This is me with my Golden Boy and Big Boy .357 mag. I have not had this much fun shooting in years. Thanks for building such a wonderful product that has brought so many days of enjoyment to our family.

Thanks so much.

Rhonda Shaw Lancaster, CA

I just recently purchased an H001 22LR classic leveraction rifle and it is one of the most accurate and smoothest rifle i have ever shot. Right out of the box i new this rifle was made with pride and quality craftsmanship. I am so impressed with this rifle i am already looking into purchasing a H001V Varmint express 17 HMR with in a week or two. Thank you for assembling and keeping your products in the USA.

Daniel Reed Hampstead, MD

I have owned two of your rifles now for about 10 years, and I cant thank you guys enough for making the best rifles in the world. I have a .44 mag Big Boy and a .22 mag Golden Boy. And I will buy the new .30-.30 as soon as the work picks up. But until then I will enjoy the hell out fo the ones I have. Thank You.

Robert Ray Portland, OR

lenny-curcioThis is 7 year old, Leonard Curcio IV, posed with his Henry Golden Boy rifle, which he uses in actual cowboy action shooting matches. Leonard is a member of SASS and his respect, knowledge and understanding for America’s legendary firearms is astonishing for his age.

Leonard Curcio Campbell Hall, NY