Customer Letters


Thank you again for the excellent customer service. The Rifles turned out Great and my boys were Thrilled to get them.
We had great day shooting the rifles. I have included some pictures of my sons and their Golden Boys.

Thanks again

Bob Meade

I have had my Henry 22 rifle for about five years. I use it for squirrel hunting. This past season I shot 38 squirrels with it. One of which was at 80 yards, and another one at 73 yards. This is a true testament to the accuracy of your rifles. Keep up the good work.

Brian Davenport


Just purchased my first Henry, a .22 Mag.  I love it, it is one of the nicest guns I have ever shot.  The literature I have read about your company is very encouraging; I wish there were more companies like Henry. Thanks for making such a great gun.

Daniel Newell


The three happy Huck boys !

Jacob, Ryan and Chance Huck with thier Golden Boy Rifles !

Dear Sir,

I’m e-mailing some pictures, as a follow up to a e-mail that I sent you last year, about a Grandfather who bought his three Grandsons ,each a Henry Golden Boy as a Rememberance of their Grandfather,as a boy he always wanted a lever action rifle, but could not afford one.

They were three very happy and surprised boys and very proud of thier Golden Boy! They enjoy shooting targets and gophers,as they are a problem in this area.

Next purchase, probly the Granddaughter when she gets older. So keep on making them !

Just thought you might like to hear from another satisfied customer!


John G. Huck Davey, NE


Dear Henry Repeating Arms:

First of all, I would like to thank you so much for your very fine service.

I want to let you know that you have converted a die hard Winchester man into a Henry Gun man.  The solidness of it along with its beauty is something special, along with the fact of all parts being made in the USA are something to behold. I now own three and am looking forward to buying # four, as my daughter-in-law said, “I would really like a Henry”, after only firing half a box of ammo. My wife likes the very smooth lever action.

Thank goodness that there are still American people, for real and not just in name. Keep the tradition going.

My compliments to you and your fine craftsman for manufacturing such a very fine rifle.  It surely is a treasure to behold!

Yours truly,

Capt. Gus


Dear Anthony,

Got to fire the first shots on the Henry MIni-Bolt and the H001 last Sunday.  I have to re-zero both rifles since the ammo that I used wasn’t that accurate.  I’ll buy target/match ammo and zero the rifles again.  Both functioned flawlessly.

My son, wife, and I fired the Mini-Bolt, and it’s a fun, little rifle.  The smile on my son’s face when he fired his first-ever shot is priceless.  And his first-ever shot was done on a Henry rifle.

Best regards,

Rex C. Hinlo


Hello I have two Henry rifle. They are awesome and thank you.

Judy Tailby Edson, AB

ray_myersTo The Folks at Henry,

I recently purchased a Henry Golden Boy as an anniversary gift for my husband. I was trying to top the gift I had given him 2 years earlier which was a Harley Davidson Softail. And I did, he was beyond surprised! He loves it. I just wanted to thank you for your committment to excellence and customer service. We have several rifles between us but this is the first Henry. It won’t be the last! Thank you again.

Lynne Myers Canton, GA


Here is a picture on my son Danny with his HOO4BSA 201 and in full uniform!  He loves his rifle, but still has’nt shot it.  He says he wants to save it for his Eagle scout son.  We’ll see.  Sorry it took so long, but it seems to be the boy scout way. Thank you again for ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad Beeke

Dear Mr. Imperato: I was watching the Fox news channel last night and lo and behold a commercial for HENRY rifles came on the screen.  I think it’s the first commercial in twentyfive years that I have not muted. Thanks for the advertisement it was wonderful.

On another note, is it possible to obtain a price list for small parts for my H001 carbine? I wold like to acquire a collection of parts in the event there is a malfunction.

I have mounted a Weaver 1×3 power scope on it. That 1x setting is wonderfully fast. I’ll be 83 this month and still able to shoot fairly accurately. A lot of joy in my life is attributable to my Henry. I have owned quite a few rifles in my life, but the Henry sits up there on top. Thank you for a very great product.

George J. Fischer Pisgah Forest, NC