Customer Letters


I purchased (7) Lever Youth .22 rifles as Christmas Gifts for my grand kids and had their names engraved on each one from their Grand Paw. The grand kids hunt and shoot every time they get the chance. The grand kids have put 1000?s of rounds thru these guns with no problems.Thanks for making a fine 22 rifle and making this Grand Paws hunting times even better.

Have you ever seen 7 kids on the front porch of a cabin empty their lever youth .22 rifles at the same time? Oh, it?s a great sound, so much fun with my grand kids. I will soon have a 4th Great Grand Baby, (hope mom and dad like Henry’s for Christmas)

Bob Hester Eagle River, AK

Anthony, I am 73 yrs. old and have had many guns over the years. but I have to say, my newly purchased Hoo1 is the smoothest operating rifle i have ever owned. Thanks for a great product, God bless American Quality, We are still the greatest country in the world.


Patrick Tate Sr



I shot this big old sow yesterday. This is the biggest one I’ve ever taken, at about 325-350lbs.
The Henry 30/30 did the job to perfection, dropping her with one shot as she ambled past at about 80-90 yards.

By the way, the rifle will print Hornady LeverRevolution ammo (3 shots) into just over 5/8ths inch at 100yd.

Thanks again,

John Isoldi

Sir, Ever since my early Marine Corps career I have wanted to own the finest rifle made in the U.S., The Henry. Now, retired from the Corps I have purchased three Henry Rifles…The Big Boy .44 mag, Golden Boy .22 and The Mare’s Leg. These Henry Rifles are the finest ‘civilian’ firearms I have ever found.

Thank you for the quality and the tradition.

M. Carey Former Sniper Instructor, USMC, ret.

Tony, Just received my 6th Henry about an hour ago. Its the new Lawman goldenboy. Your product is simply the best quality out there today. Keep up the good work. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Stay well, God Bless…………….

Anthony J. Barletta II


My husband Danny is an avid gun collector. So when our first grandson, Cameron, was born in 2002, he has been on the search for a gun that would be suitable for him. Danny began the search. He was so impressed with the reviews, history of the Henry, and the price, we decided to order the 22 Mag Golden Boy. With Camerons 9th birthday fast approaching this past March 9th, timing was perfect. The big day came and in the presence of his parents, all gramdpartents, and Aunts, he was presented with his Henry rifle. The next day, he dressed in all of his ?shooting? attire and went out back for some serious target practice. Actually, he is very good. Your company and its product made this day very memorable, and now we have a special rifle that will last for generations to come. We have another grandson, Connor, so when he turns 9, guess what his present will be?

Thank you for the memories,

Carol Ann and Danny Lott Ambrose, GA




Real men own a Henry !keith-j-george

Keith J. George

I have wanted a Henry rifle nearly all my life. I fell in love with the Golden Boy the first time I laid eyes on one. I finally took the plunge and purchased a Golden Boy. I must say I am even more pleased with the rifle than I could ever imagine. The action is as smooth as silk, I have never worked a lever action that was so smooth. I now am looking forward to the day that I can add a Big Boy to my collection.

Thank You,

Scott Burt Dallas, GA


Dear Anthony,

I do not know how to begin writing this email. Saying “Thank You” is not enough. I picked up my beautiful Henry Big Boy today from the Bass Pro Shop in Las Vegas and it is the most gorgeous firearm I have ever seen. This is not just my opinion, but the opinion of everyone who laid their eyes on it. The staff at Bass Pro were all very impressed by your personal attention and customer service. Thank you very much for all that you have done. Please believe me when I say I am at a loss for words in letting you know how much I appreciate your personal attention.

Attached is a photo of the Bass Pro Hunting Associate Neil J. Federoff and Hunting Dept Supervisor Shanna John.


Nancy Vazquez Las Vegas, NV


I received my Henry Golden Boy! and I am very pleased with the rifle. This rifle is just what I had hoped for, the wood is beautiful and the brass barrel band adds to the overall beauty of the rifle. Thank you Sir for your personal assistance in selecting this for me, you are really a man of your word. If I can ever assist you or your company, please let me know. Again, I thank you very much.


Fred B. Blanton