Customer Letters

I own a Henry Big Boy. Shooting CAS.

Has been working just fantastic. Clean match with it last weekend. Great rifle!!


Here it is a Sunday morning on a Memorial Day weekend and the “owner” of Henry is personally answering my email about the part my son broke on his Henry rifle. And he is sending the part to me at no charge ! This kind of customer service disappeared decades ago. I wil be singing Henrys praises from now to eternity.


Ronald Dowling Atlanta, GA

You would be hard pressed to find another company like Henry Repeating Arms in todays age. The owner takes a personal interest in every single consumer, invites them to contact him through his personal email, practices extreme customer service where they will do whatever it takes to make sure the customer is happy, they have live people answering the phone, and best of all they make an American made product, thats right I said American made, that is reliable, accurate, affordable, shoots and looks great. Henry sets the example that all American companies should strive for. Enough said.

Marc Getter Proud Henry Owner Woodstock, NY

I purchased the Henry Big Boy .44 cal. a couple years ago.All my hunting buddies really enjoyed shooting the gun[me the most]but told me I needed a scope for hunting. Well I proved them all wrong dropping deer in there tracks at 100 yards with open sights!My next purchase will be a smaller caliber Henry for squirrel hunting.


Last fall I bought a Henry 30-30 round barrel. I was surprised to see the thickness of the barrel. I thought the rifle would be heavier than it was. It is very well balanced.The walnut is top quality.(fit and finish) The two inch group at a hundred yards is much better than anything i have shoot. Considering I have to shoot left handed because of loss of sight in my right eye. I love the rifle – so proud to own a HENRY!



I appreciate all of the literature and catalogs that you have sent. Since then I bought a Henry Big Boy 44 and I absolutely love it. I next plan to buy the 30/30 caliber. Fantastic action and very smooth. I have wanted a Henry for a long time and very glad when I finally got one. I plan on deer hunting with it with the 44 special like our forefathers did. All my friends have shot it and now they want one. Thanks again for such a quality gun.

Bruce Hulsey

Dear Henry repeating arms, I experienced your customer service today for the first time and I must say your company is outstanding. I own three Henry rifles and one had a slight trigger problem. I spoke to “Tom” in customer service and he took care of me and I just wanted to say thank you very much! Your company is second to none, please keep up the good work as it is very much appreciated.

Craig Starr

One of the best rifles ever built. I am a gunsmith and I clean a lot of them over time but I have never had to work on one. Great quality

Peter Kroell Master Gunsmith PORT ST. JOHN, FL


Rylee was thrilled to hear you have a poster of his picture in the office. I’m now on a hunt to see about get the photo you sent us made into a poster too.

Thank you for being so kind to our little man. He’s thrilled with his gun and wants to go shoot every weekend with his dad.

In His service,

Diana Pupp


Eagle scouts Robert Jack Ooton, Joshua Carson Packer, and Kaleb Duane Gregory were presented with a Henry Golden Boy “Eagle Scout” rifle at their Eagle Scout ceremony. All three boys were awed by the beauty of these rifles. As the picture shows, they were thrilled by the thought that they all earned their own. One last note: the ceremony took place at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 6th, 2010. Load on Sunday, Shoot All Week Long!

Darrell and Jane Gregory