Customer Letters

Mr. Imperato,

I was in the marker for a .22 rifle for planking and after watching you on the video (RFD-TV) talk about the Henry riles and how the rifles were build, I had to buy one. I must say I was fixed on buying a Henry ONLY after listening to you describe the quality and USA only parts built Rifles.

After buying one I was amazed at the quality, beauty and how majestic the rifle is, WOW!! At the gun range I was like a kid in the candy shop grinning ear to ear as I loaded and shot for the first time this (my!!) amazing rifle. What an amazing shooting rifle, it was all I hoped for and more!

Thanks for the quality and patriotism!!


Dave Chapa Cypress, TX

Mr. Imperato,

I just purchased a new Henry H0001 and I felt very compelled to write you a letter of thanks. Not only is this rifle an absolute beauty it’s an unsurpassed example of top quality craftsmanship! The fact that it’s made in America of 100% American materials is sincerely gratifying! The fit and finish is flawless and sets a very high standard in the arms industry that I’ve not seen equaled by any other manufacturer. The lever action is like velvet and the accuracy right out of the box is amazing. My Henry shoots such tight groups it makes me look like a competitive shooter (which I’m not)! All this at a price that’s very affordable.

I’m very proud of my new Henry, and even more proud to know that you and your talented staff of employees and craftsmen are brilliant examples of what “Made in America” genuinely is. You’re creating modern day legendary quality rifles that anyone can afford. Please know that while this may be my first Henry it will NOT be my last. The collection has just started for me!

Attached please find a photo of my Henry and myself, and my backyard range. The grouping you see on the target was from 50″ with only one slight rear site adjustment right after it came out of the box. Please feel free to post it if you wish.

Thank you for making such a high quality rifle right here in America!


Joe Koltcz Brown County, IN


Hi Anthony: Here are pictures of my new Henry Goldenboy Rifle mounted in the Oak Display Frame in our kitchen. I fired the gun for the first time last Friday. WOW, what a beautiful gun, so well balanced and manufactured to perfection. Your people should be proud to produce an American product as fine as this. Please pass along my congratulations to all of them

Proud owner of an American Henry Rifle…………….

Dudley Saunderson Hudson, FL

Dear Mr. Imperato, the Henry Craftsman & the Henry crew;

I just purchased my first (but not the last) Henry Rifle, model: H001T yesterday at the Bass Pro Shop in Foxborough Massachusetts. Right away I could tell how well made this rifle is! It’s Rock-solid, has a very smooth action, beautiful woodwork and impressive bluing. This is an amazing product for the money! I’m also thrilled to buy something, of such quality, fully manufactured in the USA.

Thank you for maintaining such high standards with such great American-made craftsmanship. Very,very impressive.

Best Wishes for you future success,

Don Driscoll North Grafton, MA

I have three (3) Henry rifles now and have no intention to stop at three. Your rifles are top quality and should be the example for other American companies to follow, not only in the firearms industry, but in all companies. There are very few products made in the USA that match the quality from other countries, but Henry is definitely the exception. Also your customer service is unsurpassed and is the model for others to follow. Thank you for what you do and please continue to maintain your high product standards and superior customer service.

Mack Adams Terre Haute, IN


Mr. Imperato,

It was a pleasure to meet you at the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh. My son loves his Golden Boy and it was a thrill for him to talk to you.

Please keep up the good work.

Thank you,

Tom Pudliner Johnstown, PA



I got my rifle back this morning. I appreciate the quick turn around. I see they replaced the barrel among other things. My toolmaker curiosity wonders what they found wrong. If you would rather not give me that information I certainly understand. I will probably try it out this afternoon, got honey-does to take care of first. I have never had a problem with a product that was handled as well as your company. Your customer service and your product are un-paralleled. Again, thank you very much for the gun case.

Take Care,

Bryce Sherman

Mr. Imperato:,

I just received my second Henry Repeating rifle today, my second purchase in less than 3 weeks. What a thrill to hold this beautiful piece of American workman ship. I have owned well over 100 guns in my 65 years, no other gun can compare to the beauty and skilled craftsman ship of these fine rifles. Please pass on to your workers my thanks for their dedication.

Thank you again for providing gun owners with such high quality firearms, made in America by American workers.

Best regards,

Ross Lockhart Kodak, TN

Mr. Imperato,

It took me two years to save but I now have my Henry Big Boy .357 magnum and was anxious to see if the legend held up. Well I took it out last evening and while zeroing the sights at 50 yards found how smooth the action worked and comfortable the gun is, as soon as it looks like zero was found I took the next shot at an old cracked coffee mug and was delighted to see it take a dead center hit and shatter into dust and many tiny pieces, with the same settings I jumped up to 100 yards and quickly found the center of that target. Thanks for making such a fine American gun. I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment with my Henry.

Robert Hood


Dear Mr. Imperato,

I just wanted to send a quick note to you and your employees. I purchased a Henry Golden Boy quite some time ago, but do to a couple of major back surgeries, I just recently got to shoot it. Although I have always treasured it, and have it hanging on my office wall, there was nothing like shooting it. It is the sweetest lever action I have ever handled and she is an ultimate tack driver.

I can’t tell you how much my friends and I appreciate you taking the hard road and keeping your business in America and using all American made materials. I think that’s what makes me such a proud Henry owner. Someday, when my back can handle one of the Big Boys, it will be added to my collection. You and your company make me proud. Plain and simple!

Sean Murphy NRA Member / GOAL Member