Customer Letters


Hi Anthony,

If you may remember, I first bought my son, Lorenzo, a Mini-Bolt, and I soon bought an H001 after trying the Mini-Bolt. I am enclosing a photo of Lorenzo shooting the Mini-Bolt, and pictures of groups with the Mini-Bolt and the H001 at 25 meters using Remington Target ammunition. The pictures were taken last summer:

Warmest regards,

Rex Hinlo Calgary, AB

(dammm) love my golden boy 22 mag

Jim Cullifer Paris, MO

Thought you might enjoy seeing my grandchildren with there favorite rifle. We want a Henry 410 next so “get er done”.elkins-grandkids

Pop Elkins


I just watched your online special on RFD TV..I just bought my 1st Henry this past week, I have owned tons of .22 rifles from names like Marlin, Remington, Browning and Rossi. Let me tell you the Henry, is such a nicer gun! I love this rifle, it is so smooth, looks great and I can tell its quality. I installed a Weaver scope, I wanted a Henry Scope, but I don’t think you make those. I would love to buy my son (which is 10 years old next month) the personalized rifle to keep forever….I will have to budget for that, but I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that you seem like a great guy that cares for his customers and I appreciate that so much. I will be buying another Henry in the near future. Keep up the hard work and you will always be successful in this business..

Todd Williams Piedmont, SC

I have owned two of your rifles now for about 10 years, and I cant thank you guys enough for making the best rifles in the world. I have a .44 mag Big Boy and a .22 mag Golden Boy. And I will buy the new .30-.30 as soon as the work picks up. But until then I will enjoy the hell out fo the ones I have. Thank You.

Robert Ray Portland

Here is the photo of my son hunting with the Henry .22 that I ran over.



Tina Clowers


Just bought my new 22 lever action and I must say it’s the best gun I’ve ever owned. The quality is second to none. I’m proud to say I own a Henry, the rifle made in America by Americans. Thank you for continuing the tradition.

Donald Meeks

I own 2 of your Rifles and could not be happier!!!! Now looking to get another soon. Thanks for such a GREAT product. Would love to see the factory but North Carolina is not just a stroll down the block away! Thanks again!

Kenneth Pullin Wake Forest, NC


Just wanted to send you a picture of my sister with her new Henry .22 magnum. I also have a .22 magnum and a 30 30 and I love them both. My Dad is a Vietnam veteran and loves Henry Rifles, He has a .22 magnum and a 45 Big Boy. My brother has a .22 magnum and says its by far the best shooting rifle he has ever owned. My uncle has so many henrys that I am not really sure exactly what he has, I know he has the 30 30, .45, .44 magnum, .357 magnum, two .22 magnums, and 2 .22 LR’s. I hope to get us all together one day and get a picture with all of us holding our henrys to send to you. Keep up the good work.

David Ferrell Big Rock, VA

Hello, I just purchased a Henry Golden Boy 17hmr for myself as a birthday present. I had always heard about the golden boy rifle but never shot one. Everyone I asked told me that they were great rifles and that I should definitely purchase one. I must say I broke the speed limit when I was trying to get home because I was extremely excited to shoot it. What I love about the rifle is that it is remarkably beautiful and it shoots great!! I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m debating purchasing a big boy now!! Thanks for making such a great all-american made rifle. I will keep my Golden Boy for my life time and pass it on to my children. Thanks again!!


Shane G. Ohio