Customer Letters

I love my Henry. It has the smoothest action I’ve ever seen, and it has that old west look that I wanted. It’s the only rifle I need to take when I want to have some fun target shooting or small game hunting. Thanks for making such a great product.

Gerard Kuhn Scranton, PA

I own one Henry Golden Boy, .22 Long rifle. By far the best shooting gun out of the box I have ever shot or owned! A pleasure just to hold in your hands, not to mention the history and pride put into it! I plan on purchasing alot more of the Henry products in the future.

Jeff Brooks Winnemucca, NV

Yesterday I picked up the Henry Golden Boy rifle in the .17 HMR caliber that I had ordered from a local dealer. I took it out of the box at the dealer and had men wanting a closer look. To say I am happy with my purchase is an understatement. This gun is stunning. One of the fellows looking at it said it was “too good looking to shoot”. I agree it is a super nice looking rifle. I can’t wait to take it to the range.

Robert Murphy

You people are great, I love my Henry rifles. If you guys build a car let me know…

Terry Reynolds

Good morning, a couple yrs. ago,I got my friend a Henry .22 cal. rifle..last weekend we were target shooting and he told me that was the best gift he’s ever received…and in a whisper, he said” don’t tell the wife…

Greg Gunterberg Stone Mountain, GA

Dear Mr. Imperato,

Recently I acquired a Henry AR-7 style rifle from the original owner. The buttcap was cracked, and I emailed your company inquiring as to the cost of purchasing a new cap. I received a very rapid response from Katherine Scarpa, who told me she would be sending me out a new buttcap. Suffice it to say, I was extremely impressed; not only with the incredibly fast reply from your company, but also the willingness to replace a part that failed under unknown circumstances and by a prior owner. In fact, I am so impressed, I will be ordering one of your lever action .22’s from my dealer. It is refreshing to see an American company that stands behind their products and exhibits top notch customer service.

I will without hesitation recommend your products to my family and friends. Thank you again for the top notch service.

Steve Coffman Olympia, WA


I just purchased a Youth Model H001 .22LR for my grandson, very pleased with it!

Tim Long Mount Union, PA

I purchased a Henry rifle a few weeks back.. It is the finest rifle I have ever shot!!!!

Rich Galvano Estero, FL


Dear Mr. Imperato,

I have attached some photos from the recent Women on Target Rifle Clinic sponsored by Monumental Rifle and Pistol Club. Teh event was held on Saturday, 08/28/2010 at the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore, Inc. located in Marriottsville, MD. We thank you for you support of our Women On Target program. We look forward to working with Henry Repeating Arms in presenting future Women On Target Rifle clinics.

Again, our thanks to you for your support!

Michael Bruzdzinski & Patricia West

I really didn’t think I wanted a lever action rifle. Then I purchased one of your .22 with the octagon barrel and the marbles v notch rear and dot front site. I must tell you I own quite a large number of firearms and your rifle is hands down my favorite. I bought it under the pretense of using it for varmint control. After shooting it a few times I can’t put it down. Dollar for dollar one of the best firearms bargains around and quality beyond compare. I thank you and on behalf of my children to come and there children I thank you! God Bless The U.S.A.!

Loren Mahoney Tucson, AZ