Customer Letters

tom-mcilmoyleI do like my lever action riffles. I bought the .22 Golden Boy Lever 4 weeks ago and have been to the range 3 times. What an awesome gun butter smooth action, very accurate, octagon barrel old school is cool and I will say when I pull this gun from its case everyone stops to look and they all say the same thing Can I shoot it. I found this gun a 100 miles north from where I live at a Canadian Tire store. I was out for a motorcycle ride and stopped to see what they had for guns. I looked the gun over and raised it up to my shoulder a couple of times and knew I had to have it. My wife says are you buying it and how are you getting it home. Im a lucky man Anthony she held on to it on the back of the bike  all the way home. I cant wait to buy another Henry. Thanks for making such great guns. Im Henry proud.

Tom McILmoyle Ennismore, Ontario, Canada

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express my deep gratitude to your amazing company. My good friend, Scott Glassburn, was diagnosed and currently fighting hodgkins lymphoma. Your company donated a beautiful rifle to get raffled off to help raise money for his ever increasing medical bills. I was the winner of the rifle, and as great as that is, your selfless act of donating the rifle in the first place really touched alot of people, including me. I dont know how much exactly was raised from the rifle alone but i believe it was several thousand dollars. Your company exhibits exactly what a true american company should be. I just want to express my biggest thank you and deepest gratitude for such a wonderful, selfless gesture.

Mark Jobst

bill-zieresDear Anthony,

I just couldn’t wait to write to you about the retirement party we held for our Friend, Coworker and Supervisor at Hamilton college, Ed Neidhart. Because of you and your very fine company, and excellent customer service, the retirement party was more than a success, it was an emotional event that could never be surpassed! The party was a complete surprise, and consisted of Ed’s family and his closest co-workers and friends. Between the Beautiful Big Boy .44 mag rifle, and a Custom Oak gun display cabinet made by Ron Saunders (Hamilton College’s Master Carpenter)  decorated by the Beautiful Brass Henry Plaque that you provided, Ed had tears of joy as I was presenting it to him! He could not put the Rifle down, in fact he probably hasn’t let go of it yet! It is and will always be a priceless possession to remind him of the respect and admiration that we have of him! The suggestion of the Initials and birth date in a unique serial number, made something special even more so! Thank you so much for all of your help in making this event such a success!

I myself have a Golden Boy 22 Mag, passed to me by my father, and I purchased the Big Boy .44mag last fall.  My next rifle will of course be a Henry, and it will have the loop lever !  I Love my Henry Rifles, and knew that Ed would Love his! I have attached a pic of Ed with his Big Boy, and a pic of the finished cabinet!

Thanks again and have a great day!

Bill Zieres

Hi Anthony,

I have purchaseed a Golden Boy and Standard Lever action 22 cal. rifles from you several years back and they have been outstanding as part of the scouting shooing sports program I have doe for over ten years in Somers, CT. Many scouts and Venturing Crew member have always love the way they feel and shoot. I am an NRA Rifle Instructor and would like to add a 357 Big Boy as well for the scouting program. I knew there use to be an NRA Instructor discount program but do not see it anymore. Would love to add the 357 Big Boy but my resources are extremely limited. If you could help that would be great. Either way your time and consideration are greatly appreciated. We love the made in America moniker and the high quality firearms with best in the industry customer service.


John S. Lawrence NRA Instructor, BSA Shooting Sports Instructor

pastor-george-c-cookDear Mr Imperato

Just a small thank you for all you did to help me earlier this year and for all you do for the NRA.

Please find attached a picture of me and my grandson with HIS Henry Big Boy Carbine.

I purchase legacy guns for my grand kids  This one will be his – Eventually the receiver will have his name engraved on it.

You have my permission to use this photo any way you wish or not at all.


Pastor George C Cook

I have a new 357 Mag. with octagon barrel , putting it along side my Winchester 30-30 , other then the difference in weight the Henry is number one. I have fired only 357 mag ammo in it and wonder is it advisable to use 38 spl. rounds in it . If it was any other gun I wouldn’t think twice about it but the Henry is my baby.

Bob Soper

april-cowanHello Mr. Imperato,

I just want to Thank You for the very generous donation of Henry Repeating Arms merchandise for the Menomonie area Women On Target event. The event went great with 64 ladies participating. They went crazy for the Henry merchandise we used as door prizes, especially the pink t-shirts! This event would not be near as successful without the support from wonderful people like yourself.

Thank You for your time and support,


April Cowan NRA Women On Target Menomonie, WI

What a great company & line of firearms ! I talk up Henry rifles with everybody I see. You have a one of a kind program going. Not many all USA companies around & none with the attention to detail and concern for the consumer like you folks. Two thumbs up for henry rifles! That a boy Anthony Imperato and company!!!


Wendall Holder

karl-d-henryI have tried the action on the Henry .22 and 30-30.  For an old man used to the hitch in a Model 94 I’m just blown away with the smoothness.  I expect nothing less in my Long Ranger.

You’re doing my family name good, Anthony, keep it up.

Karl D. Henry New Stanton, PA

Bought one of your big loop 22 rifles at a gun auction a few months ago.  Have several rifles but they have all quickly taken their proper place behind the little Henry.  It has the smoothest  and most quality feel of anything in my cabinet.

I have probably shot 800 plus rounds through it (all different brands) and have never had a jam……..the mechanics seem perfect.  Thanks for building a quality American product at a reasonable price that we can take pride in owning.

Dave Heald