Customer Letters


I am attaching several photos of the gun ceremony and presentation. Capt. Espinoza accepted the rifle on behalf of Stg. Huggard at the NRA banquet. He couldn’t be there because of a last minute job obligation. The Huggard’s visited us at the ranch and then we met them for dinner and took pictures with the rifle. I have also attached his bio. Please let me know if you need anything else. Sorry it took so long to put this together, but it was hard to make the schedule’s work with the Huggard family. If you need any info on the pictures, let me know. (I will send the pictures in two emails. Let me know if you don’t get them.)

Thank you,

Clark Sanders

Andy and his new toy.

Kim Shima

Dear Mr President (doesn’t that sound like it needs a fanfare!)

I finally managed to have a long shooting session with my Henry Golden Boy a week ago and I am absolutely delighted with the rifle. It is solid, smooth, the lever action is soooo smooth and positive. Importantly, it is consistently  accurate with infinitesimal recoil. It feels like a proper rifle should. I shot 50 rounds in one session without any shoulder or back ache – and for me aged 73, that’s an accomplishment. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with it. And I’d be happy for you to use that testimonial.

Have a good life.
With regards,

George Pixley


Lorelei S


Attached is a photo of me and the new Big Boy I purchased as a birthday present for myself.  It’s a great rifle to shoot and it looks amazing.


Scott J. Sandler Fellow, College of Community Association Lawyers 

Complimenting and thanking you and your group for quality rifles made in the US. I have the 22 mag lever action and a 22lr pump.  They are so nice to shoot and best of all made in US. The pump is my newest toy and yet to get properly broken in.  Looking forward to many rounds of fun. I just ordered my second spee-d-loader.  So nice to set these up and use on the range.  Those that I shoot with are amazed at how fast I can reload my rifles. I might add that I am a 68 year old female and enjoying life.

Sheila Dufeck

Hello. I just wanted to take time and thank you for making an awesome product . My grandfather passed away a little over a year ago. He and I were very close. He taught me how to hunt, shoot, and be safe and accurate with a firearm. Before he passed, he purchased one last gift for himself, a Henry lever action .22. He had always wanted one and purchased it for himself as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, he never got to fire that gun. A few short months later, he was gone. My mother decided that it would be best if I had it to remember him by. With three young boys of my own, it makes me happy to know that I have such a nice heirloom to pass on to my kids and with it, the memories and stories of my grandfather and the time I spent with him.

Joshua Jakob

jessi-gregoireA photo of my son, Jordan Gregoire, with his new rifle

Jessi Gregoire

Just bought my first Henry earlier this year. Saving for my next one!steve-tordoff

Steve Tordoff


Why I love my Henry rifles….. I have been around for a little while and have never seen a company American or otherwise that was as in tune with their customer base as much as Henry Rifle is. They have made the words quality, value, customer service and pride actually mean something again. Buy American-Buy Henry.

Tim L. Beck Eddyville, KY