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Military Service Tribute 2nd Edition .22 S/L/LR

In Recognition Of All Who Answer The Call Of Duty

From the beaches of Normandy, the hills of Korea, the jungles of Vietnam, the sands of Iraq, and the mountains of Afghanistan, America’s servicemen and women have led the fight to preserve freedom around the world, and to keep our own country standing tall. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice, many have returned home injured, all have contributed to our nation and the values it stands for whether combat vet or chow hall cook.

Pride doesn’t begin to express how we feel about this chance to salute our Armed Forces with an elaborately decked out tribute edition dedicated to them and their own dedication to duty. Building on a time-honored tradition dating back to the Civil War, when ornately engraved Henry rifles were first presented to veterans as tokens of appreciation, our Military Service Tribute Edition is based on the Golden Boy and chambered in .22 Long Rifle, .22 Long, and .22 Short, with the same adjustable sights, 20” octagonal barrel, walnut furniture, and half-cock “safety” notch on the hammer.

From there, we step up to a highly-polished nickel plated receiver cover and add intricate scrollwork and the majestic American bald eagle surrounding a shield bearing the words IN RECOGNITION OF MILITARY SERVICE TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY on the right side, and on the left side the Statue Of Liberty as the face of America’s democracy, opportunity, and hope next to the famed Liberty Bell that rang for a nation that, with the help of our military, will remain forever free. All images, and the laurel leaf borders that surround them, are selectively plated with 24K gold. On the right side of the genuine American walnut forestock we engrave the recognition SALUTING OUR MILITARY HEROES. The full-color Stars and Stripes are laser-etched and hand painted along with the words GOD BLESS AMERICA on the buttstock’s right side.

As a tribute to a returning military member, a graduation gift for a new “boot” just out of Basic, a thank you to a family member who served in the past, or a “made it home” celebration memento to yourself, this rifle can be a life-long reminder of duty calls answered, sacrifices made, and services appreciated.


Anthony Imperato, President of Henry Repeating Arms, with retired United States Army Col. Jack H. Jacobs, Medal of Honor recipient for his actions during the Vietnam War.

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Wetzel Sanders
Mr. Wayne Baker
Roger Byron
Jeff Wente
John Mayeux
Jerry Robertson
Brian Hall
1st Sgt Matthew Graber.
Mr. Rick Boyd
Buddy Toy
Michael Cardin

Henry Rifles Customers- WentzelWetzel Sanders, 97-year-old Pearl Harbor Survivor with his Henry Military Service Tribute Edition.

Henry Rifles Customers-Baker

Mr. Wayne Baker of Freedom Arms, showing off his Henry Golden Boy Military Tribute rifle presented to him by Jeff Quinn for his outstanding service, flying 32 Bombing Missions over Nazt Germany in World War II

Mr. Wayne Baker

Henry Rifles Customers-ByronMr. Imperato and Lori,

The crowd and staff at The American Legion National Convention loved the military service tribute rifle you donated for the Onderdonk Award. So did the recipient – this year it was Daniel Wheeler, the Legion’s national adjutant. Attached is a photo of the award presentation (Copyright 2016 Lucas Carter/The American Legion). Your incredible generosity in donating such a beautiful rifle for such a good cause was appreciated by everyone in attendance.

Thank you again.
Roger Byron

Henry Rifles Customers-Wente

Mr Imperato, I had recently emailed you about a veterans project we were doing and You and Charlie were kind enough to help us acquire a Henry military service tribute rifle to give away. I wanted to let you know what an extreme honor it was to hand your rifle over to Corporal Adam Patrick Snow of the United States Marine Corp. Corporal Snow served 8 years and during his time he was shot three times and hit by three separate roadside bombs, which his left him with a lifetime of injuries and scars . After each injury he begged to go back to fight with his men for our country. In addition to your rifle, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead wrote a letter to give to Patrick congratulating him on his rifle and reaffirming that Patrick is a true hero.

I could not think of a better way to have honored Corporal Snow in front of 400 people in small town Laramie, WY than with your rifle and the Governors support.

We also auctioned a Henry Golden Boy for $1450 and donated the money to Project Healing Waters local chapter. All said and done, a great night thanks in part to your support.

Thank you, Jeff Wente

Henry Rifles Customers- MayeuxDear MR Anthony, I recently won a golden boy military tribute rife at Jacksboro TX gun show. Luv it very much and display walnut case. I could never afford a Henry as I wanted one a long time. I am a disabled Veteran and on fixed income also have Leukemia from agent organge exposure in Nam. Three tours of duty. I would was gonna order a extra large grey long sleeve Henry tee shirt but the $10 brought the total to high for my budget. Loyal Henry Vet

John Mayeux

Henry Rifles Customers- RobertsonOn March 29, Vietnam Veterans Day, I presented on behalf of Henry Repeating Arms a Military Service Golden Boy to Jerry Robertson. Jerry served in combat with distinction in the US 4th Infantry Division, Republic of Vietnam.

I have known Jerry for many years. He is a good man, and very grateful to receive that fine rifle.

Jeff Quinn

Henry Rifles Customers- HallTop 2 are my Cass County ingraved, then Dads 1860, 45lc ingraved, dad’s military ingraved, dad’s silverware ingraved, then bottom 4 are all golden boys, 2 are 22lr then a 22mg 17hmr. We sure love your guns!!!!!! Thanks again for all your help!!! Happy Easter!!! I am not surprised you are working on Easter… Thank you !!

Brian Hall

Henry Rifles Customers- Graber

Thank you so much.

1st Sgt Matthew Graber.

Henry Rifles Customers-BoydAnthony and Tom,
On behalf of Henry Repeating Arms, I presented one of the Golden Boy Armed Services rifles to Mr. Rick Boyd. He had done 10 years in the US Navy when he was hurt while diving, leaving him without any use of his legs and limited movement in his arms and hands. His father made a device so that he can steady a rifle on his motorized wheel chair, so he does shoot and hunt. He told me that he already has a couple of Henry rifles, and that he bought a Golden Boy for his mother this past Christmas. He loves the new Armed Services Golden Boy, and I am happy that he does. He has given a lot for our country, and Henry Repeating Arms and you gentlemen have given a lot to our veterans.

Thank you so much.
Jeff Quinn- boyd

Henry Rifles Customers- ToyHere is a picture of my 4 Golden BOY RIFLES ,I e-mailed you about awhile back, they are my rim fire collection, a .17 hmr, a .22 long rifle and a .22 mag, then the .22 cal. military tribute rifle. I had the brass plaque made up to say made in the USA or not at all. That plaque is on the top of the door on my gun case, everybody see’s this 1st. These are collector pieces only, I am very proud of these, Thanks

Buddy Toy

Henry Rifles Customers- cardinHello Anthony,

Just watched the Henry television spotlight and wanted to email you and thank you for making an all American product, also for the quality of the product. As Americans we should take pride in what we do and not base our pride on the lack of pride of others. I am self-employed as a carpenter and work out in the elements everyday and have been very blessed to be born into a great family. As of now I own several Henry rifles and have a few more in my sights to purchase, of course I have to save up for each one. I own a Henry 22lr blued, a golden boy silver 22lr, golden boy 22lr, a silver eagle, Abraham Lincoln 22lr, 357 Golden boy, military tribute 22lr, Vietnam tribute 30/30, an 1860 non engraved 44-40. Hoping soon to own the survival 22lr , .45 long colt and a golden boy 30/30.

Thanks again for a great shooting gun that I can pass on to my sons someday. I heard you say Kentucky was per capita the beat state for your business and that’s where I am from, I usually purchase mine from Elizabethtown Gun and Sporting Company, look forward to many more days of hunting and plinking, keep up the great work.

Michael Cardin

Firearm Specifications


Henry Golden Boy Military Service Tribute 2nd Edition .22 S/L/LR»
Model Number
Action Type
Lever Action
16 LR/21 S
M.S.R. Price
Additional Specifications»
Barrel Length
Barrel Type
Octagon Blued Steel
Rate of Twist
Overall Length
6.75 lbs.
Receiver Finish
Nickel Plated
Rear Sight
Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
Front Sight
Brass Bead
Drilled and Tapped
Scope Mount Type
Stock Material
American Walnut
Length of Pull
1/4 Cock
Best Uses
Receiver Engraving with 24K Gold Plating. Engraved/painted stock and engraved forearm.

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